Sport & Adventure

What about a nice walk?

Many beautiful trails depart from Pianezze, running across the Cesen Mountain, some trails are  simple and suitable even for  families and lead you to the nearby alpine huts and their beautiful meadows, others are proper for trained persons. For those guests who enjoy hiking, nordic walking or snowshoeing there is also a natural and historical route called “Alta Via delle Prealpi Trevigiane” that runs for 127 Km even through the ridge of Mount Cesen, along a green and blue horizon with the Dolomites as a backdrop.
Also remarkable is the ring of Prosecco Superiore, which starts from Valdobbiadene and with its 15 Km leads through some of the most beautiful villages and hill landscape of the area. Do not miss a stop in a winery for a Prosecco Superiore wine tasting!

For the more determined: road bike and Mtb

Road bikers can choose their routes between infinite paths among the hills of Prosecco, the ring of Montello or several climbs on the Asolo hills. With the mountain bike you can ride the countless paths and cattle tracks of the area, climbing up the 1570 m a.s.l.  of Cesen Mount or ride the ring that rounds its green top . If you prefer you can go down till the Piave river, crossing the steep vineyards of Prosecco. Pedaling in these areas is not just a matter of sport, but it’s an unforgettable experience  and  an exceptional opportunity to discover culture, tradition and history of this land!

Orienteering and Trail

Study the paths and the most suitable areas. ... you will be spoiled for choice!
You can choose between areas with very different and specific features only few minutes far from your apartment: from the thick woods to the open pastures, from wooded plans at the Piave River side to the intricate mazes of the vineyards that cover the hills.

Flight schools

Nearby there are two flight schools:
- School Of Paragliding:  AeroClub Little Wings
- Paragliding: Monte Grappa Tandem Team  


Riding holiday?

Pianezze is the ideal point for a overnight stop with your horse. The residence M&S is located just few meters far from the path Ippovia delle Prealpi Trevigiane TV5. We can create a space where your horse can rest in the garden (we can supply water, but you must bring ropes, hay and bucket)

Asolo Golf Club

The renowned Asolo Golf Club - just 30 min. far- has three tracks, 27 holes  and a big park of 140  hectares. It is the ideal setting to enjoy this fine sport and offers a good club house with restaurant, cocktail bar and many other amenities. If you want to learn there is also the Asolo Golf Academy!


If you cannot stay away from the red court, we suggest the Tennis Club of Onigo of Pederobba  just 25 minutes far.

Swimming and swimming pools

Valdobbiadene has a public swimming pool with an indoor pool of 25 m and a smaller outdoor pool. If you are interested in a course or a quiet swim visit for timetables! A little farther, in Falzè di Piave, you can find Plavilandia Water Park, which grants an excellent opportunity for relaxation and summer fun with its pools, slides, Jacuzzi, park and solarium.